About Duane Whittle


Duane Whittle was born in Austin, TX; the second of three children. When Duane was 9, he, his mother, and his sibblings moved to Van Burren, ME, where he stayed until graduating college in 2008, with an Associate Degree in Computer Science. Upon graduation from college, Duane decided he could make a better living in a larger market, and moved to Greenville, SC. In September 2011, he met the love of his life, and future fiancee, Rachel Gregory. They knew almost immediately they were meant for each other. In December 2012, just days before Rachel’s 26th birthday, Duane proposed, and a very surprised Rachel said yes! Duane was aware that Rachel had a liver disease that would eventually require a transplant, but early in their relationship, Rachel showed very little signs of being sick. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long, and about 6 months after moving in together, Rachel’s health began to deteriorate. Duane’s roll as the “spouse” kicked in, and not only did he work full-time, he cooked, cleaned, shopped, and accompanied Rachel to as many doctor appointments, tests, and medical procedures as possible. The “computer genius” learned more medical jargon and pharmacology than if he’d gone to medical school himself! Sadly, the life Duane and Rachel had planned together did not have the fariytale ending it was supposed to. Rachel lost her battle with PSC (Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis) on Febuary 5, 2014, with Duane and the rest of her family by her side. Duane’s devotion to Rachel did not end that day in the hospital. His love carries on in his dedication to Share Her Smile. Not only does Duane provide technical support for the organization, he also serves on the Board of Directors, along side Rachel’s brother, as Co-President. It is his desire to fulfill the wishes of his beloved Rachel by seeing Share Her Smile evolve into the dream she envisioned.